Second Stolen Maltese Reunited With Owners

The second dog stolen from a car parked inside a Mary Brickell Village Publix in July was found and reunited with its family Thursday.

Owners Jennifer Withers and Patrick Orlando saw 7-year-old Bianco for the first time in three months.

"It's one of the best days," Jennifer Withers said. "I've been praying every single day. I needed my family to be complete."

Miami-Dade Police said he was located Thursday morning, but could not release the names of the suspected thieves because the case is part of another ongoing investigation.

"We received a call from a detective this morning," Orlando said. "He said they arrested some people this morning. They had stolen property, including Bianco."

Bianco’s daughter, 5-year-old Misha, was previously found hit by a car in Opa Locka and was recognized by staff at the Broward County Humane Society. Orlando told NBC 6 South Florida that she has pins, plates and screws in her legs.

The pair of Maltese dogs was stolen in July after the family made a quick stop at a Publix. One week later, Orlando said two men were captured on video trying to sell the dogs in Miami Beach.

The family, who printed thousands of flyers to locate their pets, offered a $6,000 reward for their return with no questions asked.

"He's part of the family, I just adore him, and we miss him so much, and my family wasn't complete," Jennifer Withers said.

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