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South Florida Man Accused of Grisly Dog Killing

Lawrence Graham, 19, was arrested in Tamarac Wednesday on six counts of animal cruelty

WARNING: Some of the details may be disturbing to some readers.

A South Florida man accused of choking and kicking his girlfriend's dog to death after believing she might be with another guy is facing multiple animal cruelty charges.

Lawrence Graham, 19, was arrested in Tamarac Wednesday on six counts of animal cruelty, according to a Broward Sheriff's Office arrest report.

The report said Graham told detectives he became angry and jealous when his girlfriend wouldn't answer his phone calls or text messages, and was still mad when he went to her home and she wasn't there, saying he was jealous that she might be with another guy.

Graham sent the girlfriend a text referring to the dog, a 1-year-old Shih Tzu mix, that read "u got till 10 30 if u not here by then I swear 4 god ill finnishjordon off," the report said.

The report said Graham then kicked the dog multiple times, slammed it to the ground, and choked it while he called his girlfriend. He then put the dog in a trash bag while it was still alive then picked the dog up again and continued to choke the dog, the report said.

The dog died while Graham was waiting for his girlfriend to come back, the report said. Graham then took the dog's body and placed it in a trash bag with its head and front legs sticking out, and put it next to the front door with flowers next to it along with a written note that read "Coulda Made It RIP Jordan," the report said.

"He also wrapped an electrical cord around the dog's neck to make it appear that he died by being choked with a wire," the report said.

According to the report, Graham continued to send messages to his girlfriend, telling her "if you really loved him u woulda made it in time 2 save him" and "hope it worth it."

The report said Graham was charged with six counts of animal cruelty for each separate act committed on the dog. He appeared in court Thursday where he was ordered held on $15,000 bond. Attorney information wasn't available.

"It's a small puppy that he eventually ended up killing," BSO Det. Sira Arroyo said. "Thank God that she didn't come home because who knows what would have happened to her."

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