Thanks for the Racist DVD: Crist

Gov. Crist's Office sends a thank you letter to white supremacist who sent the governor a copy of an anti-Semitic DVD

Apparently, Gov. Charlie Crist appreciates a good racist DVD more than most Floridians.

Crist -- or at least the people in his office -- are in a hot water after a letter signed by the departing governor thanked a letter writer who had sent an anti-Semitic DVD for viewing. The DVD, Jud Suss, explains the racially charged theories of the Nazis, but whoever received the package didn't bother to read the letter or view the contents.

For what it's worth (and that might not be much), within the Third Reich, Jud Suss was the number one film in 1940 and was seen by over twenty million people.

Instead of condemning the "gift," the thank you letter praises the sender for his "generosity."

"Thank you for sending me the DVD, Jud Suss," the letter reads. "I am delighted to share ... with the people of Florida."

For Crist, this may be a valuable lesson once he changes his address to Capitol Hill in Washington. It isn't a bad idea to read your own mail.

His office is calling the thank you letter an "inexcusable mistake." But it makes you wonder, what else is slipping through the mail in Tallahassee and not being seen by our state leader. Porn? Economic Stimulus money? FEMA checks? A list of ways to pull the state out of this economic crisis.

Chances are Crist isn't seeing them and they are all being rubber stamped with the Crist seal of approval.

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