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Trooper Gets Into Altercation With Passenger During Traffic Stop: FHP

A trooper and the passenger in a vehicle got into an altercation during a traffic stop, according to the Florida Highway Patrol.

Sgt. Mark Wysocky said the trooper stopped the car for speeding Tuesday night on Interstate 75 near Weston.

As the trooper approached the passenger-side window to speak with the driver, the passenger, later identified as 26-year-old Marcel Brown, had placed his leg outside the vehicle.

The trooper asked Brown to put his leg inside, and he complied. As the trooper began to ask the driver questions, Brown reportedly put his leg outside the vehicle again.

According to the arrest report, the trooper once again asked Brown to put his leg inside. He then refused the order and refused to answer the trooper's questions or provide his ID.

The report goes on to say the trooper opened the door to take Brown out of the vehicle, but Brown stepped out and pushed the trooper.

The trooper said he eventually got Brown back in the vehicle, but he started to fight. As the trooper tried to put handcuffs on him, Brown allegedly punched the trooper several times in the face.

The arrest report said the trooper warned Brown that he was going to use his taser if he didn't stop fighting, but he failed to comply. The trooper discharged his taser on Brown, who then stopped fighting.

Brown was placed under arrest for failure to obey a law enforcement officer, assault of a law enforcement officer and resisting an officer with violence.

The trooper and Brown were both taken to Cleveland Clinic with minor injuries.

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