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UM Professor Analyzes Trump Inauguration, Says ‘Bar is Set Low'

University of Miami Political Science professor Joseph Uscinski watched President Donald Trump's inaugural speech and heard some familiar themes.

"Nothing really surprised me. He has been saying the same things over and over again and this speech was sort of codifying now into a policy direction," said Uscinski.

Jobs, national security and the economy were just a few topics President Trump keyed on. Professor Uscinski feels a specific segment of the American electorate really connected with Mr. Trump's message.

"I think Donald Trump is sort of appealing to largely old people who are law and order people who maybe liked Reagan, maybe liked Nixon who want very strong authoritarian government," the professor said.

And, those who voted for Trump, says Uscinski, surely liked what they heard.

"Because he is not going back on anything that he has said. He is going full throttle on everything he has promised to do over the course of the campaign. Now, it is easy to say it in a speech it will be more difficult to do in actuality," added Uscinski.

Trump reiterated his dark, bleak outlook of America and promised change for the better with him as commander-in-chief.

Uscinski thinks small steps for President Trump would serve him best.

"I think Donald Trump could probably go down as one of our most regarded and perhaps one of our best rated presidents and the reason is that the bar is set so low for him. A lot of people feel right now that if we are not dead in four years he would have done a good job," said Uscinski.

Small steps, according to Professor Uscinski, include passing a budget, maybe a tax plan, non-controversial matters, he thinks would bode well for Mr. Trump.

Uscinski says if Trump delves into issues, like complex foreign affairs or taking on his promise to build a wall along the southern border could be problematic for the president.

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