Video Shows DEA Agents Were Aggressors in Bar Fight: Attorney

A group of DEA agents were attending a party inside Bokamper's Sports Bar and Grill in Fort Lauderdale in March, when they claim they were battered by two men outside.

The police report paints the men as the aggressors baiting the agents into a fight.

On Thursday, a defense attorney said newly released surveillance video paints an entirely different picture.

On March 5th, police arrested Gregory Bradley, 29, and Steven Jenrette, 22, for battering a man they later discovered was a DEA agent.

It all started when they went into Bokamper's to pick up some food. Jenrette claims the agent was drunk and called him the "N" word.

"The one guy, the one who was injured, he bumped into the bar and he knocked himself over so we laughed," Jenrette said during his police interrogation.

Surveillance video obtained by NBC 6 appears to show the group of off-duty agents walking out after them. And from another camera, you can see a federal agent walk up to Jenrette.

Once their chests touch, Jenrette is seen pushing the agent. Jenrette and Bradley are then seen walking across the parking lot away from the agents.

Later, from the camera at the front door, the DEA agents are seen following after them again. The altercation that took place next happened off camera.

The agent claims Bradley threw a rock at him, knocking him to the ground giving him a concussion. A worker gave a statement saying the rock was never thrown. And Jenrette claims Bradley held it up in self defense.

Jenrette's attorney believes the video contradicts what the agents claim happened in the police report.

"The video proves that's not the case, it appears that the DEA are the aggressors, that they're pursuing the two guys who ended up getting charged," said attorney Ed Hoeg.

The investigating officer wrote in the report that all of the witnesses were about 40 feet away, so they could not have seen precisely what happened.

The case is now headed to trial for a judge and jury to determine what happened.

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