Snow Snarls Holiday Travel at MIA, FLL

Expect a 3% rise in annoyance among airport travelers

It may not be snowing anywhere near South Florida, but holiday travelers trying to depart Miami and Fort Lauderdale airports are only faring marginally better than Americans elsewhere.

Over 40 flights were canceled yesterday at Miami International, thanks largely to snow in Atlanta and Europe.

At least three flights have been canceled today and many more delayed at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood courtesy of icy conditions in the Northeast.

Even flights between Tampa and Miami were affected, as Delta Airlines in particular struggled to get traffic through its Atlanta hub. The Miami Herald reports 300 of the 800 scheduled Delta departures Atlanta were canceled yesterday.

But FLL spokesman Greg Meyer suggested complications weren't that unusual.

"This is normal for a heavily traveled holiday weekend with weather [problems]," he told the Sun-Sentinel.

Further complicating matters for travelers, however -- we're guessing the chipper Meyer isn't among them -- was a storm expected to drop 5 inches of snow on the Washington, D.C. area.

Experts predicted a 3% rise in holiday air travel this year over last, so those heading to the airport should not only check flight status, but expect a 3% rise in crotchetiness among fellow airline customers as well.

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