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Wife, Witnesses Heard in Frantic 911 Calls From Dwayne Haskins' Death

Haskins' wife, Kalabrya, told a dispatcher her husband called to say he was walking to get gas and would call her back

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Frantic callers can be heard screaming at Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Dwayne Haskins to get out of the middle of a highway, and the NFL star's wife is heard crying and pleading for answers about her husband's whereabouts in new 911 calls from the day he was struck and killed in South Florida.

"Oh my God! oh my God, what the f--- is wrong with you, get the f--- out of the road!" a woman is heard yelling in one of the calls, released Wednesday by the Broward Sheriff's Office.

The woman can be heard screaming and crying just moments after Haskins, 24, was fatally struck by a dump truck on Interstate 595 in Broward County the morning of April 9.

At one point, the call gets disconnected and the 911 operator calls the woman back.

"I'm sorry ma'am, I was trying to hear you, I'm in the middle of [5]95. There was a man hit in front of me, I was traveling on the road and I saw a dump truck hit the man," the crying witness says.

"Ok, ma'am take a deep breath so we can get some help please," the 911 operator says, as the woman continues to cry. "Ma'am I need you to really take a deep breath, we have to help him until the paramedics get there."

Another 911 caller can be heard yelling at Haskins to get out of the road.

"There's a black male, he was by the side of the road, somebody hit him," the woman says, before she's heard talking to other witnesses. "There's blood everywhere, does anybody have gloves?"

Former teammates and coaches are still coming to terms with the tragic death of Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Dwayne Haskins. NBC 6's Marissa Bagg reports

"I was driving on 595 and there's a body in the middle of the street," a man says in another call. "I don't know if the person's dead or passed out or hit but he was in the middle of the lane on 595."

Florida Highway Patrol officials said Haskins was walking on the highway when he was struck and killed. An FHP report released Wednesday confirmed a second vehicle hit Haskins after the dump truck.

NBC 6 reached out to FHP on Wednesday night to ask if a vehicle linked to Haskins was ever recovered or located at the scene of the crash.

The initial report and 911 calls were "all the information our department is willing to release at this time," FHP Lt. Indiana Miranda said. "The final traffic homicide will be more detailed."

Frantic callers can be heard screaming at Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Dwayne Haskins to get out of the middle of a highway. NBC 6's Alyssa Hyman reports

Haskins appeared to have been in South Florida with several teammates, including fellow quarterback Mitch Trubisky, running back Najee Harris and tight end Pat Freiermuth.

FHP officials said they don't know why Haskins was on the highway, but said the incident remains under investigation. No one has been charged in the incident.

Haskins' wife, Kalabrya, gives a possible explanation in one of the 911 calls released Wednesday.

She told a Florida Highway Patrol dispatcher on April 9 that her husband called from near Fort Lauderdale to say he was walking to get gas and would call her back. When he didn't, she told the dispatcher she tried to call him but he wasn't answering.

"I'm calling because my husband was stuck on the side of the highway. He had to go walk and get gas," she tells a 911 operator. "I kept calling and kept calling, he wouldn't answer."

Kalaybra Haskins explains to the operator that she's calling from Pittsburgh and had been on the phone with her husband when his phone went dead.

"I just want somebody to go in the area and see if his car's there, if he's ok, if anything happened to him," she asks the operator. "It's not like him for him not to call me back and his phone to go dead and he's stranded by himself."

"I don't want you to panic but I'm gonna be honest with you, we do have an incident on the highway but I can't confirm if that's your husband or not," the 911 operator responds.

When Haskins' wife starts crying, the 911 operator tries to calm her down.

"Ma'am, I need you, don't panic, just give me a moment," the operator says.

At one point, the operator puts Haskins' wife on hold, and the wife can be heard reciting what sound like prayers.

Funeral services for Haskins are scheduled for this weekend.

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