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Guide to Florida's 2020 General Election: Everything You Need to Know About Voting

Learn more about when to vote, how to find your voting site and more in this guide to Florida's 2020 general election

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What to Know

  • Election day is on Tuesday, November 3rd
  • Floridians have the option of voting by mail, early or on election day
  • Scroll down for your complete guide to registration, voting and everything you need to know about election day in the Sunshine State

Election day is just days away across the nation, but no two states are alike. Here's what you need to know about voting in Florida to help you prepare to cast your ballot.

For information on who (and what) will be on the ballot, check out our guide to the 2020 Florida ballot.

When is Election Day?

The 2020 general election will take place on Tuesday, November 3rd. Voters can vote early, by mail or on election day. The deadline to register for voting was October 6th.

The deadline to turn in a mailed ballot is on election night by 7 p.m. (officials have warned that the USPS is experiencing delays with delivery, so it is recommended to turn in your ballot in-person if time is short before election day).

How can I find out whether I'm registered?

Click here to visit the Florida Department of State's voter registration lookup tool. You can plug in your name and birth date to check your voter status, including your polling place, sample ballot and vote-by-mail ballot status.

Early Voting

If you're looking to avoid the rush of voters on election day, or have a busy Tuesday scheduled, there's always early voting.

Early voting in Miami-Dade & Broward counties

In Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach and Monroe, early voting is between October 19th and November 1st.

  • A list of early voting sites in Miami-Dade County can be found here (polls are open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.)
  • A list of early voting sites in Broward County can be found here (polls are open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.)
  • A list of early voting sites in Palm Beach County can be found here (polls are open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.)
  • A list of early voting sites in Monroe County can be found here (polls are open from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.)

How to Vote by Mail

There are lots of options for requesting to vote by mail in South Florida. Scroll down for all the links and contact information you need for every county to request online, by mail or in person.

No matter what county you're in, a returned voted ballot must be received by the Supervisor of Elections’ office no later than 7 p.m. on Election Day, regardless of when it was postmarked.

With the election one week away, voting advocates are urging people to drop off their mailed ballots in person, because on-time delivery for the postal service has dropped.

Claims of widespread vote-by-mail fraud have been tweeted and retweeted by President Trump. However there is little to no evidence to back them up. NBCLX’s Chase Cain takes measures into his own hands to uncover the truth about mail-in ballots as part of his new series about election myths and conspiracy theories.

The deadline to request a vote-by-mail ballot was October 24th. If you've already sent it in, you can track its status by plugging in your information in your county's tracker:

  • Miami-Dade County vote-by-mail status tracker here
  • Broward County vote-by-mail status tracker here
  • Palm Beach County vote-by-mail status tracker here
  • Monroe County vote-by-mail status tracker here

Things to Know on Election Day

Where do I vote?

You can find out which voting location has been assigned to you by looking up your voter registration information. All you need is your name and birth date.

  • Miami-Dade County registered voters here
  • Broward County registered voters here
  • Monroe County registered voters here
  • Palm Beach County registered voters here

What do I need to bring?

  • A current and valid ID that has your name, photo and signature. If you do not have the proper identification, you will be allowed to vote a provisional ballot.
  • It may speed up the process to bring your voter information card, but it isn't required.

What considerations are there for voters with special needs?

Per Florida Statute 101.051, a voter who needs assistance to vote must fill out a Declaration to Secure Assistance. An election official can assist, but if the voter brings a person to provide assistance, that person must fill out a Declaration to Provide Assistance. Both of these forms are available at the voting location.

How can I practice COVID safety?

  • Keep your distance from others. The CDC recommends at least six feet of distance.
  • Wear a mask. Put it on before arriving at the polling location and don't take it off until you leave. Keep your nose and mouth covered, and don't touch your face.
  • Wash your hands. Whenever possible, wash your hands, especially after touching surfaces or items that others may have touched. If possible, bring hand sanitizer and use it frequently.
  • Don't bring anyone of non-voting age with you to your polling location, and try to go during non-peak hours (polls tend to be busiest first thing in the morning, over lunch hours and after work).
With both sides calling this the most important presidential election in decades, you want to make certain that your vote is counted. NBCLX's Clark Fouraker has a checklist of the five most important things you should do to make sure your ballot doesn't get disqualified this November.

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