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Massage Therapist Arrested for 2nd Sex Assault

David Munoz has been arrested twice for sex assaults at Doral Spa and Resort



    Massage Therapist Arrested for 2nd Sex Assault
    Miami-Dade Corrections
    David Munoz

    A South Florida message therapist already facing sexual assault charges for his handy work has been arrested again and accused of being too touchy with female customers.

    David Munoz, who worked at Doral Spa and Resort, was arrested last week charged with sexual assault, stemming from another incident at the spa where a female customer claims the masseuse went a little too far, police said.

    Munoz was arrested in February for allegedly rubbing another female customer the wrong way at the spa.

    The unnamed female victim told Miami-Dade detectives that Munoz, 27, was massaging her lower back during a session in April 2010 when he suddenly started massaging her buttocks," a police report read.

    "Before she could say anything, the [Munoz] maneuvered between her legs and inserted his finger into her vagina," the report continued.

    Munoz wasn't able to complete his unauthorized massage because the 23-year-old victim was wearing a tampon.

    When the victim jumped up, Munoz allegedly ask apologized for the intrusion.

    Munoz told the woman "he didn't know what came over him," the report stated.

    In the February assault, Munoz allegedly told police he "lost his head" during that incident.

    Doral is facing several civil lawsuits from customers who claim they were sexually assaulted by therapists at the spa and they hold the ritzy resort responsible.