Salt Lake City

  • earthquake Mar 19

    Earthquake Shakes Utah, Rattling Frayed Coronavirus Nerves

    A moderate earthquake Wednesday near Salt Lake City shut down a major air traffic hub, damaged a spire atop a temple and frightened millions of people already on edge from the coronavirus pandemic. There were no reports of injuries.

  • earthquake Mar 18

    5.7 Earthquake Strikes Utah

    A 5.7 magnitude earthquake struck west of Salt Lake City on Wednesday. It was the largest temblor in Utah since 1992.

  • Olympics Feb 13

    Salt Lake City Eyes 2034 Olympics After Sapporo Bid for 2030

    Salt Lake City may shift its focus to bidding for the 2034 Winter Olympics rather than the Games four years earlier following the announcement that Sapporo, Japan, will bid for 2030.

  • spokesman Dec 2, 2019

    Former ‘DWTS' Dancer Slams Substitute Teacher Lecturing His Child for Having 2 Dads

    A substitute teacher berated a Utah fifth grader after he said during a pre-Thanksgiving lesson that he was thankful he’s finally going to be adopted by his two dads, the parents said. The boy’s classmates said the teacher told him, “that’s nothing to be thankful for” and lectured the 30 kids in the class about her views on homosexuality. She...

  • Texas Nov 18, 2019

    Kanye West Talks About Serving God During Visit With Osteen

    Rapper Kanye West told parishioners at Joel Osteen’s Houston megachurch on Sunday that his recent spiritual awakening has made him realize he’s no longer in the service to fame and money but “in service to God.” West spoke to a packed crowd of about 16,000 people at Lakewood Church’s 11 a.m. service during an interview with Osteen from the stage....

  • Attorney Nov 10, 2019

    Man Accused of Sexual Assault of Female Airline Passenger That Led to Emergency Landing

    A man who allegedly groped a female airline passenger, leading to an emergency landing, is facing federal charges for criminal sexual misconduct, NBC News reports. James Clayton Cholewinski-Boyd, 32, who is listed in some court records as Cholewinski-Boy, was charged in connection to an incident on a flight earlier this week from Charlotte, North Carolina, to Salt Lake City, according...

  • Donald Trump Nov 9, 2019

    For 30-Somethings, Stakes Are High Over Future of DACA

    Karina Ruiz’s life is deeply rooted in Phoenix. She has three children and two grandkids, a side gig selling houses, frantic days rushing kids off to school and activities, a busy work schedule filled with meetings. The 35-year-old knows that little of this would be possible without her enrollment in a program dating back to the Obama administration that allows...

  • social media Oct 6, 2019

    Thousands Show Up for Free Kanye West “Service” in Utah

    Thousands of people showed up to an outdoor shopping center in Utah to see rapper Kanye West perform what he calls a worship service. Saturday’s concert was held right before the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints held its twice-yearly conference in Salt Lake City. West took the stage late in his worship service and performed one song —...

  • driver Sep 23, 2019

    Tour Bus Driver in Deadly Utah Crash Was on 1st Trip

    The driver of a tour bus that crashed near a national park in Utah, killing four Chinese tourists and injuring dozens more, was making his first trip for a company that had only been in business for a short time, investigators said Sunday. The National Transportation Safety Board is researching the driver’s background, license qualification and medical history, said Pete...

  • social media Sep 19, 2019

    Taylor Swift Calls Kanye West ‘Two-Faced' Amid Ongoing Feud

    Taylor Swift is finally sharing her side of the story. The “Lover” songstress sat down with Rolling Stone for an interview in which she broke down the details behind her ongoing feud with Kanye West.

  • Europe Sep 15, 2019

    The Rise and Fall of an Eagle Scout's Deadly Fentanyl Empire

    The photo that flashed onto the courtroom screen showed a young man dead on his bedroom floor, bare feet poking from the cuffs of his rolled-up jeans. Lurking on a trash can at the edge of the picture was what prosecutors said delivered this death: an ordinary, U.S. Postal Service envelope. It had arrived with 10 round, blue pills inside,...

  • Florida Aug 30, 2019

    Wave of Child Sex Abuse Lawsuits Threatens Boy Scouts

    The Boy Scouts of America is facing a threat from a growing wave of lawsuits over decades-old allegations of sexual abuse. The Scouts have been sued in multiple states in recent months by purported abuse victims, including plaintiffs taking advantage of new state laws or court decisions that are now allowing suits previously barred because of the age of the...

  • Utah Aug 21, 2019

    More Charges Filed Against Accused Mackenzie Lueck Killer

    More criminal charges have been filed in Utah against the man accused of murdering Mackenzie Lueck of El Segundo after investigators identified another woman who claims he sexually assaulted her a year earlier, it was reported Tuesday.

  • NBC Aug 13, 2019

    Plane Passenger Gets Entire Flight to Himself

    A New York City-based director got a private jet experience as the only passenger on his flight, and chronicled his experience in a video that he shared online. Vincent Peone told The Washington Post that he landed the solo trip after his Delta flight operated by SkyWest Airlines had been rescheduled last week. The flight from Aspen, Colorado, to Salt...

  • chief Jul 6, 2019

    Remains of Missing El Segundo Woman Found in Utah, Police Say

    The body of Mackenzie Lueck has been recovered in Utah, weeks after the Southern California college student went missing after returning to school.

  • Attorney Jun 23, 2019

    GOP Lawmakers Create Hurdles for Citizen Ballot Initiatives

    Arkansas’ GOP-dominated Legislature has taken steps this year that will make it harder to put such proposals before voters, and they are not the only ones. Florida, North Dakota, South Dakota and Utah also have enacted restrictions on the public’s ability to place initiatives on the ballot. In Michigan, the state’s top election official is being sued over Republican-enacted requirements...

  • Associated Press Jun 18, 2019

    Many US Jails Fail to Stop Inmate Suicides, Investigation Finds

    Read the headlines on any given day across America and you’ll find evidence of a crisis roiling the criminal justice system: “Suicide leading cause of death in Utah jails.” ”San Diego County inmate suicide rate ‘staggeringly’ high.” ”Attempted suicides at Cuyahoga County Jail tripled over three-year span.” Stories like Tanna Jo Fillmore’s have been told time and again, and yet...

  • director Jun 10, 2019

    Lovingly, a Family Raises an Intersex Child – Again

    When doctors said her youngest child would be a girl, Amie Schofield chose the name Victoria. Then they said the child would be a boy, so she switched to Victor. It turned out neither was exactly right. The blue-eyed baby was intersex, with both male and female traits. And so she and her husband decided to call the infant Victory....

  • Utah Jun 5, 2019

    ‘Freak Accident' at Utah Pool Sickens Dozens With Chlorine Gas

    Chlorine gas has sickened dozens of swimmers at a Utah public pool in what police called a freak accident. A pump malfunctioned Tuesday and forced too much chlorine out of a jet at Pleasant Grove Veterans Memorial Pool about 36 miles (58 kilometers) south of Salt Lake City, Pleasant Grove Police Capt. Britt Smith said. About 50 people, mostly children,...

  • georgia May 30, 2019

    Prosecutors Push Back on Enforcing New State Abortion Laws

    New state abortion laws likely to become bogged down in legal challenges face another potential obstacle: prosecutors who refuse to enforce them. The Associated Press reached out to nearly two dozen district attorneys across seven states, and several said they would not file criminal charges against doctors who violate the laws. Even a few who left open potentially charging doctors...

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