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Miami Beach Boardwalk Getting $1 Million Makeover

4-month project includes removal of elevated wooden boardwalk



    (Published Tuesday, Oct. 9, 2012)

    Miami Beach’s popular Boardwalk, occasionally featured in Hollywood films and TV shows, is getting a $1 million makeover.

    “The last time the wooden boardwalk was renovated was over 15 years ago. Since that, the state does no longer permit wooden structures on the beach,” said city spokeswoman Nannette Rodriguez.

    With areas taped off and stacks of wood laying around, the City of Miami Beach Department of Public Works has already started the first phase of the Middle Beach Recreational Corridor Project.

    “It’s going to be something I’m going to miss personally because I remember playing on that boardwalk when I was 10 years old, which was quite a while ago.” resident Richard Rudy said.

    The four-month project will include the removal of the elevated wooden boardwalk from 45th street near the Eden Roc Hotel all the way north to 47th street where it will be replaced with at-grade concrete pavement.

    “The whole idea is to have a beach corridor, a recreational corridor that can take you from the bay, through the beach, all the way up to the beach, that way you can run, bicycle etcetera,” Rodriguez said.

    A change that skate boarder Pablo Lopez says he’s very excited about.

    “I would think it’s great because I could probably go further on the board instead of 5th street to just right here," Lopez said. "You know the more cruising room they give me the more I can travel on the beach.”

    With a federal grant to help offset the cost, there will be safe, turtle friendly lighting and landscaping. The demolition of the wooded boardwalk will have very little impact to the neighborhood and pedestrian access to the beach will still be available.

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