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Miami Moms Donate Their Breast Milk to Haiti

Haitian infants lack the breast milk needed to grow strong



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    The key to saving many of Haiti's fragile infants may rest in the breasts of Miami's newest moms.

    At Mercy Hospital's Lactation Center, Faith Ploude made a special announcement in all her breastfeeding classes. She is asking nursing mothers if they would like to donate breast milk for infants in Haiti.

    The Human Milk Banking Association of North America headquartered in San Jose California, is leading this effort and has already sent out 500 ounces of donated breast milk. The first shipment going to the neonatal intensive care unit on board the U.S. Navy ship Comfort.

    Most babies aren't up for sharing, but Miami moms think their infants will make an exception for this cause.

    The Human Milk Banking Association said it has gotten an unprecedented number of calls from lactating women wanting to help.

    The moms in Wednesday afternoon’s group in Miami were receptive to the call for help. Carolina Montero says it’s a free way women can help save lives.

    Laurenne Moreland says she is interested in making a donation and has seen the health benefits of breast milk in her own daughter, Livia.

    Breast milk donations are being collected through a regional group called Mother's Milk Banks. The closest one is in Raleigh, N.C., but your donation can be shipped there. The milk bank will cover the cost.

    To find out the details about who can donate and how go to