• Utah Jun 5, 2019

    ‘Freak Accident' at Utah Pool Sickens Dozens With Chlorine Gas

    Chlorine gas has sickened dozens of swimmers at a Utah public pool in what police called a freak accident. A pump malfunctioned Tuesday and forced too much chlorine out of a jet at Pleasant Grove Veterans Memorial Pool about 36 miles (58 kilometers) south of Salt Lake City, Pleasant Grove Police Capt. Britt Smith said. About 50 people, mostly children,...

  • Associated Press Nov 25, 2018

    Russian Warplanes Strike Rebel Areas in Syria After Alleged Gas Attack

    Russian warplanes attacked rebel-held areas in northern Syria for the first time in weeks on Sunday, as Syrian officials said more than 100 people were treated at hospitals for what they allege was a poison gas attack by rebels in the northern city of Aleppo. Russian military spokesman Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov told reporters in Moscow that Russian warplanes destroyed...

  • Pentagon Apr 19, 2018

    Pentagon: Sarin Likely at Syria Sites, But Questions Remain

    The Pentagon said Thursday a “preponderance of the evidence” indicates there were chemical weapons, including “elements” of sarin nerve gas, at the three Syrian sites bombed by the U.S. and its allies last week. Any definitive conclusion probably will remain an open question for some time. Marine Lt. Gen. Kenneth McKenzie said at a Pentagon briefing that the United States...

  • Donald Trump Apr 19, 2018

    After Syria Missile Strikes, US Stuck in Holding Pattern

    The drama of U.S. and allied missiles strikes on Syria has obscured a sobering fact: The U.S.-led campaign to eliminate the Islamic State from Syria has stalled. The U.S. has 2,000 troops in Syria assisting local Arab and Kurdish fighters against ISIS, even as President Donald Trump resists deeper U.S. involvement and is eager to withdraw completely in coming months....

  • Syria Apr 18, 2018

    First Chlorine, Then Chaos and Death in Suspected Syria Gas Attack

    Residents of the Syrian town of Douma were packed into underground shelters amid bombardment when the gas began to spread. Suddenly, panic ensued. As shouts of “chlorine, chlorine!” rang out, some ran into the night and fainted in the street. Others climbed to rooftops, hoping they’d be safer rising above the gas. Dozens didn’t make it out at all, some...

  • Donald Trump Apr 14, 2018

    Trump Orders Military Strike on Syria

    President Donald Trump said Friday the United States has “launched precision strikes” on targets associated with Syrian chemical weapons program. He said a “combined operation” with France and the United Kingdom is underway.

  • Florida Jun 28, 2017

    5 Kids Sickened by ‘Cloud of Chlorine Gas' at Florida Pool

    A thunderstorm knocked out a pump at an indoor swimming pool in Florida, causing a “cloud of chlorine gas” that sent five children to a hospital.

  • Tampa Jun 27, 2017

    5 Minors Sent to Hospital After Chlorine Gas Cloud Appears At Tampa Pool

    Five minors were sent to the hospital for evaluation Monday night after a small cloud of chlorine gas appeared when a chemical mix from a pool pump ended up in a Tampa pool, officials said.

  • Canada Apr 6, 2017

    Over there: WWI innovations live on 100 Years Later

    Machine guns. Tanks. Chemical weapons. Warplanes. Submarines. Trench coats. Wristwatches. Thursday marks the 100th anniversary of the U.S. entry into World War I, and some of the innovations that were developed or came into wide use during the conflict are still with us today. America entered nearly three years after the war began, joining Britain, France and Russia in the...

  • Photographer Apr 5, 2017

    Suspected Syria Gas Attack Kills Dozens, Draws World Condemnation

    A suspected government chemical attack in an opposition-held town in northern Syria killed dozens of people on Tuesday, leaving residents gasping for breath and convulsing in the streets and overcrowded hospitals. If confirmed, it would be the deadliest chemical attack in four years....
    A nonprofit coalition of groups treating victims of the war in Syria told NBC News that at least...

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