Dzine Does Nails at The Standard Spa

Chicago based artist Dzine's installation Imperial Nails presented by Perrier brings his parents' living room from seventies to The Standard Spa with a makeshift nail salon.

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Liz Tracy
Artist Dzine brought his parents' home from the 1970s to Miami Beach, complete with renegade nail salon. Imperial Nails, presented by Perrier, is a pop-up salon and a comfy spot to get your nails looking' pretty.
Liz Tracy
Dzine's mother used to invite women over to his childhood home and do their nails. The artist took his parents' belongings and reassembled their living room at The Standard Hotel.
Liz Tracy
In stark contrast to the laid-back, tropical opulence of the hotel, the room is cozy and warm.
Liz Tracy
Mother and daughter team Retevea and Meika work at Tippie Toes in Opa Locka. They're spending the week doing nails on the beach.
Liz Tracy
These are Meika's nails. All fun and no games! People of note have been stoping by all week. Even Amanda Lepore stopped by for a mani.
Liz Tracy
These are all nail tips that can be placed on actual hands. A feather nail sounds like a logistical nightmare!
Liz Tracy
The photo of Dzine's family just makes you feel at home.
Liz Tracy
The artist is signing copies of his new book Nailed at the Standard on December 2 from 7 to 10 p.m.
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