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8-Foot Gator Wants to Sell You a Car

Sticker shock takes back seat to gator shock at car lot



    8-Foot Gator Wants to Sell You a Car
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    You'll usually see these signs near lakes and ponds but you might see them soon in used car lots.

    Usually when you go to buy a car you have to deal with the shark-like dealers, but at one Florida lot you'll also have to dodge alligators.

    Denise Anderson found that out the hard way as she looked at used cars at Sun Toyota in New Port Richey yesterday when an eight-foot gator came strolling through the lot.

    Managers of the dealership called the police and a licensed trapper.

    Mark Lewis of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said it's a busy season for alligator sightings, though the parking lot gator could be in trouble.

    Lewis said trapped gators four feet and longer are "generally disposed."