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Hurricane Season

Hurricane Season

Look Out for Unlicensed Contractors

Hurricane season brings out the unlicensed contractors, authorities say



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    Workers with the Moran Roofing Company carry debris while working on a roofing job in high heat in Walnut Creek, Calif.


    Kristina Benites says she's now fighting a battle everyday against mold coming into her home from water that came from the residence above when it was being renovated.

    "I am concerned about my health and my husband and child," Benites said.

    The city of Homestead cited Charles Lima, the owner of the property above, for causing the trouble which he told us is now fixed.

    The situation has Kristina on the lookout for anything that is suspicious and she called Miami Dade Building Code Compliance inspectors when a contractor showed up outside her door.

    She even took home video of the contractor. Turns out Pablo Arguello of Attila Services hasn't been in trouble for his work, but for advertising when he doesn't have a license.

    "He was advertising and did not have the proper license to do so,"  Dan Sriro of Miami Dade Code Compliance said. "Working with a person without a license can lead to the work being done improperly and you losing your money."

    Inspector Sriro got to Kristina's address quickly to find Arguello. His business partner told us Arguello had no desire to speak to us.


    Experts says before you put out any money when renovating check credentials, get references and pay installments.

    If you have any questions before you hire a contractor in miami dade call 305-375-2901 if in BSO's area call 954-765-4321.