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Prosecutors Release Calls Documenting Alleged Sex Trafficking



    (Published Monday, July 21, 2014)

    Prosecutors have released multiple phone calls between teenagers and the man they say was targeting them in school for sex trafficking, David Llama Lopez.

    Lopez faces two counts of human trafficking a minor and two counts of procuring a person under 18 for prostitution. Prosecutors say Lopez was trying to lure students at North Miami High School to join his sex enterprise.

    NBC 6 obtained calls prosecutors said were made after Lopez already had sex with a 17-year-old student at his North Miami home. The 17-year-old student called Lopez to introduce a friend of hers to him, with police listening in.

    The 17-year-old told Lopez she told her friend about their sexual encounter that included unconventional sexual activity. The girl told police she saw a gun near Lopez’s bed and felt compelled to have sex with him once she went inside his apartment.

    The girl said her friend had questions for Lopez.

    Student 1: “That’s the problem. She wants to see you. She wants to talk to you. I told her that this weekend we had been together. We made love for the first time. All the things that we did, you know.”
    Lopez: “Yeah.”
    Student 1: We started kissing. I gave her details, details, but she doesn’t believe me. I want you to tell her.”

    The second student in the conversation being monitored by police asked Lopez how much she would be paid. She also made it clear that there are some things that she won’t do.

    Lopez: “How are you?”
    Student 2: “How is the work going to be? You told me $250, but I didn’t understand the part. How much am I going to make and you are going to make? I don’t think I am going to make $250 and you are not going to make anything.”
    Lopez: “We charge for something else. The clients pay a membership every year. Those are our profits.”
    Student 2: “Oh, by the way, in reference to what happened yesterday; I am going to tell you I am not going to take it up the back.”

    Miami Police said Lopez asked the teens for sexually explicit and told them that if both joined his operation, there would be 29 people working for him. Lopez said there’s no competition because none of the girls know each other, according to police.

    Lopez remains in jail and has a court hearing scheduled for next month.

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