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Cat Killer Suspect May Be "Sociopath"

Affidavit says Tyler Weinman talked cat dissections, was close to killing spots



    Cat Killer Suspect May Be "Sociopath"
    Coral Gables Police
    Tyler Weinman is facing 19 counts of animal cruelty in the murders of 19 cats throughout South Florida.

    The arrest affidavit was unsealed today in the case against accused cat butcher Tyler Weinman, detailing the teen's odd behavior and the compelling evidence he faces in his trial on the murder of 19 cats throughout South Florida.

    The report details an enthusiastic discussion on cat dissections the teen had during an interview with police, as well as a host of evidence that goes against his innocence and places him near the scenes of many of the killings.

    The affidavit was released this morning as Weinman, 18, was officially charged with the killings during his arraignment in a Miami-Dade courtroom.

    It details Weinman's May 15 arrest for marijuana possession, when police found a cutting tool near his car, which police believe he had tossed out the window. During the arrest, Weinman spoke with officers and described the "tearing sound" made while dissecting cats, something he studied during an anatomy class in high school.

    Weinman seemed to possess a wealth of knowledge on the obtaining of cats for dissection. He told police that cats had to be shipped in from Mexico for dissection since they couldn't be bought in the US for that purpose and described the size of the cats from Mexico. He said he had researched the info on the Internet.

    During the interview, Weinman also showed police scratches throughout his neck and back, telling police they came from a stray cat that he feeds at his mom's house.  

    Another time, Weinman was seen skateboarding near one of the killings in Cutler Bay, wearing all black clothes with a dark backpack at 12:30 in the morning. When police told Weinman that there were cat killings going on in the area and that he should keep his cat indoors, Weinman laughed.

    The affidavit noted that the killings happened near Weinman's mother's house in Cutler Bay when he was staying with her, then shifted to the area near his father's house, in Palmetto Bay, when the teen was staying with his dad. Police also put a tracking device on Weinman's car which put him near the scene of one of the killings in June.

    A police psychologist even suggested Weinman may be a "sociopath," according to the affidavit.

    Weinman has been charged with 19 counts of animal cruelty, 19 counts of improperly disposing of an animal body and four counts of burglary. The teen was released in late June on $249,500 bond after a judge examined a psychiatric evaluation and ruled that Weinman was competent to proceed. Weinman is currently on house arrest and being monitored electronically while he awaits trial.

    Weinman's family and lawyer have pleaded his innocence, pointing to the fact that he was never caught in the act of killing any cats.