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Dolphins Cheerleader Website Hacked was redirected to a hardcore porn site for nearly 24 hours



    Dolphins Cheerleader Website Hacked
    Miami Dolphins

    As if it could get any worse for the Miami Dolphins, losers of their last four games, the team's cheerleaders were the victims of malicious web activity.

    Visitors to the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders' mobile website got a surprise Monday and Tuesday morning when hackers created a redirect that sent users to a hardcore pornography site. discovered the gaffe Tuesday morning, before the team was even aware of the issue. The redirect only occurred with users accessing the site from smartphones or tablets, and was resolved later Tuesday. The issue was present for nearly 24 hours.

    "We fixed the glitch but we are surprised and disappointed with what happened," Dolphins spokesman Harvey Greene told GossipExtra. "It's disconcerting so see the content that was being displayed."

    Greene added that the team may consider filing a criminal complaint after competing their own investigation of the issue. "First, we're fixing it for good," he said. "Then we'll figure out how it happened and we'll make sure it doesn't happen again."