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Paris Takes the Stand, Loves the Judge

Paris Hilton seemed at home on the stand during her testimony Friday



    Paris Takes the Stand, Loves the Judge
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    Paris Hilton is ready to rumble in a Miami courtroom, where she testified in a lawsuit accusing her of failing to do enough to promote her 2006 bomb Pledge This!

    It may have been Paris Hilton's best performance yet. Too bad it wasn't caught on film.

    The heiress/actress/party girl took the stand Friday in her own defense against a lawsuit that claims she didn't do her part to promote the ghastly movie, "Pledge This!"

    Hilton seemed quite comfortable in the courtroom on Friday, taking notes and reading through court documents as attorneys went through the legal jargon with the judge. Or maybe she was just jotting down what she would tweet once she got her cell phone back from the security guards. Either way, she looked believable and interested in the proceedings.

    Since cameras, cell phones and other digital devices aren't allowed in the courtroom, Hilton only had a hand full of choices to spend her time before she took the stand -- pay attention or sleep, which probably wouldn't have been a good look in front of the judge.

    Then, Hilton put on a little make up before she took the stand.

    "I promoted this movie from the very beginning, basically plugging this movie more than I ever plugged anything in my life," she told Judge Federico Moreno. "I'm an Aquarius, so I'm very creative. I do the creativity and they do the business."

    Hilton chronicled what she did to push the movie during her 90-plus minute testimony, along with giving her astrological reading for the month.

    After finishing up, Hilton seemed quite enthralled with Moreno and didn't hesitate to throw a little sugar on top of her testimony.

    "You're the best judge ever!" she squeaked, to which Moreno responded, "Thanks, but I'm going to rule based on the law."

    Can't blame her for trying.

    The lawsuit, filed by investors in the movie, claims Hilton refused to do interviews and other promotions for the $7.5 million film, which only earned about $2.9 million. The investors are seeking $8.3 million in damages.

    Hilton flew into Miami from Dubai late yesterday for the first day of the trial, and is expected to be in town through Tuesday.