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Win Waterfront Mansion for $10

A raffle for a church gets you a $3 million waterfront estate in Fort Lauderdale



    Win Waterfront Mansion for $10
    You have a 1-in-300,000 chance in winning this house. For $10, that's a steal.

    It's a listing too good to be true. A six-bedroom, six-and-a-half bathroom, gated, waterfront estate in Fort Lauderdale is up for sale. It has over 6,000 square feet with a four-car garage, movie theater, office, game room, and heated swimming pool.

    The $10 Mansion

    And it can be yours for $10. Yes, ten bucks!

    The house is being raffled off by a couple that wants to help The Mission of St. Francis, a local church that helps addicts and poor people get back on their feet. Apparently, Miles and Laura Brannan are putting in their application for sainthood.

    The couple's home is worth $3 million on the real estate market, but like most home owners, they have had a hard time finding a buyer. So why not give it away? There are 300,000 raffle tickets, all going for $10, and once the last ticket is sold the winner will be selected. That's way better odds than the lotto or at a slot machine.

    No mortgage, no liens. Just a brand new home for the price of a movie ticket.

    To get in on this steal before you are stuck trying to pick the correct six numbers the rest of your life, check out