Carla Stefaniak From South Florida Goes Missing in Costa Rica

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Mario Caicedo
Carla Stefaniak, of South Florida, went missing while vacationing in Costa Rica. The 36-year-old was last heard from around 8 p.m. on Nov. 27. She didn't show up for her 1 p.m. flight home on Nov. 28.
Mario Caicedo
Stefaniak had been celebrating her birthday and was with her sister-in-law.
Mario Caicedo
Stefaniak's last reported message to her family said: "It's pretty sketchy here," that the power was out and it was pouring rain.
NBC 5 News
Authorities began searching for Stefaniak, who had been staying at an Airbnb villa near San Jose.
Repretel TV
On Monday, a body was found partially buried on the property where Stefaniak was staying, authorities said. The body is believed to be Stefaniak.
Repretel TV
On Tuesday, authorities said a security guard at the property where Stefaniak was staying, Bismark Espinosa Martinez, was arrested in her killing.
Repretel TV
Earlier Tuesday, authorities said they found what appears to be blood in the Airbnb apartment rented by Stefaniak.
Mario Caicedo
Officials said that they are awaiting fingerprint comparisons to 100 percent confirm the identity of the body as Carla Stefaniak.
NBC News
Worried family members have requested the public's help in finding answers in the disappearance of Stefaniak.
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