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Pair Accused of Machete Attack on Attempted Sex Battery Suspect at Hialeah Motel

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Two men are accused of attacking an attempted sexual battery suspect with a machete at a Hialeah motel, and now all three are facing serious charges.

The incident unfolded Tuesday at the Palacio Inn Motel at 845 East Okeechobee Road, arrest reports said.

According to the reports, 33-year-old Bryant Placid Hernandez had gone to the motel where he arranged to pay a woman in exchange for sex.

Hernandez went to the woman's room where they smoked crack, before he removed his clothing and started negotiating for a lower price, the reports said.

When the woman refused to have sex with him for the lower price and told him to leave, Hernandez became aggressive and punched her numerous times, the reports said.

He then grabbed her by her hair and dragged her to a dresser, then hit her on the head with a dresser drawer, causing a large contusion on her forehead, the reports said.

Hernandez tried to sexually assault the woman but she was able to get away and started screaming for help, the reports said. He grabbed her again then threw her to the floor and got on top of her, and told her she was going to die, the reports said.

The woman was able to get away again and ran out of the motel room, and encountered 43-year-old Jules Dalge in the parking lot, police said.

According to the reports, Dalge grabbed Hernandez and dragged him out of the hotel room. Surveillance footage showed them outside the room when they were approached by the third man, 56-year-old Jimmie Dean Span, who wheeled up to them in his wheelchair while holding a machete, the reports said.

Span swung the machete and hit Hernandez, who tried to get into his car but was pursued by Dalge, who hit Hernandez in the back with the machete, the reports said.

Span then grabbed the machete and started to stab and slash Hernandez numerous times, the reports said.

When officers arrived, they found several puddles of blood in the parking lot. Hernandez was covered in blood, while Span was also covered in blood and had blood on his wheelchair, the reports said.

Hernandez was charged with attempted sexual battery, false imprisonment, armed robbery, burglary with assault or battery. Dalge and Span were both charged with attempted second-degree murder with a deadly weapon and armed burglary with assault or battery.

All three were booked into jail, and attorney information wasn't available.

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