Boat Show Makes a Splash

A hot tub on a boat? Don't mind if we do!

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At this weekend's Miami International Boat Show, Statement Marine unveiled a 50' turbine powered cat with a hot tub in it. You know, for when the water your boat is actually floating in isn't enough.
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Optional babe accessories sold separately, of course. More than 2,000 exhibitors are showing off their wares at the Miami Beach Convention Center through February 15; Statement's floating tub is the highlight for gawking visitors.
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Even the front of the 50 Passion, with its fancy paint job, was a draw.
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Tens of thousands of visitors flow through the boat show each year, but we're quite sure they aren't used to hot tubs in catamarans.
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"Don't worry about the economy, buddy! There's probably a budding Ponzi schemer or two about."
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Visitor John Lanehart checks out a vessel from Marine Max.
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It appears his interest was cut short.
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Aubrey Gordon and Elana Mikelus test out some cushions.
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A saleswoman is queen of the world at the Intrepid booth. Over 2,000 manufacturers display at the show.
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Visitors take in the sights.
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Pretty much looks like a nice day on the water, doesn't it?
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"Without three motors, you feel just this big."
Bryan Castillo
There's no word yet on how sales are going, but our Hank Tester says there are good deals available.
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The event is in its 69th year, however, and shows no signs of stopping. Not with hot tubs all the rage, anyway.
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