Hot Wings: Miami Takes “Flight” at Flugtag

85,000 people endured the heat to watch wacky aircraft plunge into Biscayne Bay on Saturday at Red Bull Flugtag in Bayfront Park

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The heat was on, and a UM team's ibis "plane" would take second place as more than 85,000 people took over Bayfront Park for Red Bull Flugtag Miami Saturday afternoon. 35 teams brought some impressive homemade flying machines, which you can watch in action here. Photos by Jipsy.
Flugtag aircraft are launch from a ramp about 30 feet high. They can't be powered by anything beyond muscle and imagination, and, naturally, are required to float. Photos by Jipsy
The Burger Mobile. Photos by Jipsy
The Flying Luchadores. While surviving flight is always nice, most teams concentrate more on the wacky than actual aerodynamics. Photos by Jipsy
Flugtag means "flying day" in German. Perhaps it should be called Flughotday, which is NBCMiami for "hot flying day." Photos by Jipsy
Winners! Formula Flugtal soared over 54 feet, just 100 short of the record. So...well...kinda close. But winners nonetheless. Photos by Jipsy
A handful of the 85,000 -- and every single one sweaty. The world Flugtag record stands 195 feet, set in 2000 in Vienna. Photos by Jipsy
The Drunk Dialers, who took flight on a giant iPhone. Did we say flight? It was more like a dropped call. Photos by Jipsy
Actual flight also happened. Photos by Jipsy
Team Signal 20s. As if it wasn't hot enough. Photos by Jipsy
There is nothing like people in costumes faceplanting repeatedly to draw a crowd. Photos by Jipsy
Team Space Bat. Since it was first held in Vienna in 1991, Red Bull Flugtag has taken place in 35 cities around the world. Photos by Jipsy
Teams are officially judged on distance, creativity, and showmanship, and unofficially on whatever bystanders choose. Photos by Jipsy
Team Kiss. Check out NBCMiami's "flight" footage here. Photos by Jipsy
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