Loggerhead Turtle Released After Recovering From Constipation in Florida Keys

Senor Fab was treated for an intestinal impaction.

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    The Turtle Hospital
    Monroe County Sheriff Rick Ramsay helps release a loggerhead turtle.

    A loggerhead turtle named Senor Fab was released into the wild after being treated for constipation in the Florida Keys.

    Monroe County Sheriff Rick Ramsay helped The Turtle Hospital send off the threatened animal at Sombrero Beach in Marathon Sunday.

    Senor Fab was rescued March 6 when he was found floating off of Geiger Key. He was treated with antibiotics, beano and vitamins for an impaction in his intestines, which caused an infection.

    Turtle Hospital manager Betty Zirkelbach said the condition is common in loggerhead turtles who may swallow small crustaceans or plastic that may get stuck in the intestines.

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    Zirkelbach said Senor Fab has since made a full recovery.

    "It's up to mother nature to take care of him now," she said.

    Charley, another turtle that was recently rescued, is doing well and should be released in the next few weeks, according to Zirkelbach.

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