A Peek Inside: Art Basel in Photos

From the Miami Beach Convention Center to the satellite fairs, parties and legal street art during Art Basel 2010. Photos by Jipsy

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Japanese street fashions from the Harajuko fashion area came to life with the girls dressed in Lolita style at the Small Gift Sanrio Pop-Up Shop in Wynwood. Photos by Jipsy
Friends With You's Rainbow City came to life in the Design District during Basel with a live performance by NERD on Thursday night. During the day it was the place for picnics and kids play. Photos by Jipsy
Pop-Up jewelry cart by Cetrine Of The Stone. Photos by Jipsy
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At Art Miami 2010. Photos by Jipsy
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Guest were treated to free tattoos of Hello Kitty and friends at the Small Gift Sanrio all week. Photos by Jipsy
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At Miami's graffiti legal art space in Wynwood Sunday night. Photos by Jipsy
The crowd Thursday night hoping to get in for the free NERD show at the Rainbow City opening.
CIFO had a VIP screening with a cocktail reception on a chilly Saturday night. Photos by Jipsy
David Gray
The ladies of State Of pose with Chef Jeremiah and his sous-chef from the Gastro Pod at Pulse on Friday afternoon during the lunch rush hour. Photos by Jipsy
Steve Covault
Owner Eric Firestone stand by the latest works of PHASE 2 for his show Hyperbolic Aerosolic during Art Basel. The exhibition will featuring NYC graffiti works from 1973 - 1975. Photos by Jipsy
It's never too early for champagne and bites at the annual VIP Brunch at CIFO on Friday morning. Photos by Jipsy
Michael Capponi and Anna Mixon outisde of Art Asia on Saturday night. Photos by Jipsy
For the glamorous and fashion collectors, Shop Ride, the designer and vintage pop-up truck that parked all over Wynwood and Midtown during Basel. Photos by Jipsy</a
Friday night inside Mr. Brainwash's opening exhibit party. Photos by Jipsy
Ryan Daley
Having fun with cocktails and black elephants at the "Under Construction" party Friday night. Photos by Jipsy
Slithering accessories worn at Cafeina Saturday night during the New Image Art Gallery Reception. Photos by Jipsy
Guest inspired at Scope Miami on Saturday afternoon. Photos by Jipsy
Steve Covault
Food trucks from Miami and beyond parked all over the city and feed the masses during the week long art party. Photos by Jipsy
David Gray
Legal walls painted by aerosol artist all week. Photos by Jipsy
Ryan Daley
Aerosol artist hit the streets and the cranes and paint up the legal walls of Miami during Art Basel. Photos by Jipsy
Art Miami 2010. Photos by Jipsy
David Gray
Artist walking around Wynwood. Photos by Jipsy
Steve Covault
On the balcony at the party for the "Under Construction" exhibit Friday night. Photos by Jipsy
David Gray
Guest inside one of the giant paint buckets by Mr. Brainwashes exhibit. Photos by Jipsy
David Gray
Mr. Brainwash posing for pictures during his exhibit Friday night. Photos by Jipsy
David Gray
Look up! The installation on 21 Street and Collins by Mr. Brainwash, "Under Construction". Photos by Jipsy
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Tara Solomon, Charles Albert and Amanda Whittleman at the Vogue Lounge at The Raleigh. Photos by Jipsy
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Photographer Chika Okazumi poses with Ess & Emm who DJed the Vogue Lounge at The Raleigh on Wednesday night. Photos by Jipsy
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