Glazed Over: It’s National Doughnut Day

Make Homer proud and get yourself a frosted, sprinkled treat. Here are our favorite Miami spots to score dynamite dough.

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Make Homer proud and get yourself a frosted, sprinkled treat. Here are our favorite spots to score dynamite dough.
Solo at the Fontainebleau
If your one of those one-doughnut-a-year people, let it be one from Solo bakery in the Fontainebleau.
For the no-frills, doughnut minimalist, Krispy Kreme's offering up free doughnuts all day.
Go fancy with Michael's Genuine's pot de creme doughnut dessert. The best money we'll ever spend on calories.
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They've gotten you through long car trips and even longer meetings. Today, you're running on Dunkin for free.
Shing Wang
Okay, these aren't "traditional" doughnuts, but we could still eat Shing Wang's Chinese buns all day. Because in Miami, we're all about warm, golden buns.
Donut Divas
We'll take any excuse to throw a party, including Nat'l Doughnut Day. That means having the Donut Divas set up at your soiree to pop out carnival-style treats.
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For those who appreciate a mom-and-pop doughnut experience, head to the Dandee Donut Factory.
The Mandarin Donut Shoppe
What makes you more gluttonous than eating a doughnut? Having your doughnut delivered. Call up Mandarin Donut Shoppe and your office mates will love you forever.
2 Girls and a Cupcake
Take your doughnut experience to a new level with 2 Girls and a Cupcake's When Doughnut Met Coffee, a breakfast-perfect combo of vanilla cupcake and donut glaze/coffee buttercream on top. We know, it's not your traditional tire-shaped treat, but trust us, the calories will look the same on the inside.
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