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Man With HIV Denied Hair Transplant

Discrimination lawsuit for Ft. Lauderdale doc who refused HIV positive patient



    Man With HIV Denied Hair Transplant
    Diego Del Rio says he was denied a hair transplant because he is HIV positive.

    A South Florida man claims he was refused a hair transplant because he is HIV positive, and now he's suing the doctor who denied him the new do for discrimination.

    Diego Del Rio went to the Age Defying Surgical Center in Fort Lauderdale to approve his appearance, but Dr. Brett Bolton turned him down once he learned of Del Rio's condition.

    "Their medical staff told me 'We will not do the procedure because you are HIV positive.' I told them, 'This is discrimination,' and they stated 'No it's not,'" Del Rio said.

    Del Rio had undergone one hair transplant before at another facility, but ADSC allegedly told Del Rio that they don't accept patients with a history of HIV or hepatitis.

    Del Rio's lawyer, Matthew Dietz, said this policy is in direct contradiction of a 1988 Florida law.

    "The big picture here is that people cannot be in any way discriminated against because of their aids or their HIV status," Dietz said. "There's no excuse because there's not one doctor in the state of Florida that doesn't know this. Issues like this should not happen in this day and age."

    Bolton wouldn't comment and referred all questions to his lawyer, who said he also wouldn't speak because the lawsuit is pending.

    Del Rio said he just wants back a piece of his dignity.

    "People try to make you feel very belittled and it's a sensation I can't put into words," Del Rio said.