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Sink Shoots to be First Lady Gov

The state's CFO throws her hat in the ring to replace Uncle Charlie. And what a moderate hat it is



    Sink Shoots to be First Lady Gov
    Florida could be looking at history in the making if Alex Sink is elected governor.

    The state's top watchdog of finances wants to elevate her political game and become governor.

    On Wednesday, Alex Sink became the first candidate to officially declare to replace Gov. Charlie Crist, who is bolting Tallahassee for a run at a U.S. Senate seat. If she wins, Sink will make history and become the first woman to lead the state.

    But of course, that's not why she is running. Sink, 60, cited the state's foundering economy and her business background as she announced her candidacy through a prepared statement.

    Sink has a pretty good shot at representing the Democrats because she is not expected to face a serious challenger in the primary, which is more than a year away. It's unclear who will be her Republican opposition, but it will likely be someone she has worked closely with while being a part of Crist's cabinet.

    Qualifications aside, expect Sink to play up her feminine side during the campaign.

    "In unique and challenging times like these, our state needs a new and different kind of leadership," she said in a statement
    to be released Wednesday afternoon. "Thousands of Floridians have told me they need leaders committed to protecting the middle class, strengthening our economy and giving our families a fighting chance. As a businesswoman and working mom, I couldn't agree more."

    A win for Sink would also give her a leg up in her own house. Her husband Bill McBride lost his bid for governor in 2002 to Jeb Bush.


    Attorney General Bill McCollum will announce his election plans next week and it's expected he will run for governor. Agriculture Commissioner Charles Bronson has said previously he would run for governor if Crist ran for Senate, but hasn't officially entered the race.